Christmas Turkey deals & price comparison (2011)

Featured deal: 10% cash back at Tesco & an extra £10 off when you spend over £75 (a saving of up to 22%).  Visit Quidco for further details.

I recently founded Smarter SEO, providing search engine optimisation & related services to companies in the West Midlands. Consequently, I have made several tweaks to my blog in the past two months to ensure I practice what I preach. It is fair to say I am delighted with the impact on visitor numbers:

2011 Christmas Turkey information (1)

Doing my daily review of site traffic, I realised an old post on Christmas turkeys is starting to pick up new visitors. In summary, a friend of a friend used to breed and sell high quality turkey directly to supermarkets and to make space for an alternative venture (storing produce for Tesco & Sainsburys) they were selling off 250,000 turkeys at hugely discounted prices. To help out, I threw up a couple of posts about their farm shop.

2011 Christmas Turkey information (2)

For anyone looking for a Christmas turkey, the Attwell’s Farm offer would have been a no brainer: the same turkey you find in the leading supermarkets at a fraction of the price. Unfortunately, since they are no longer in the business of breeding turkeys, the old posts have absolutely no value. I am posting this entry in an attempt to address that problem.

After some Googling, I found this offer of 10% cash back from Tesco, with an additional £10 off if you spend over £75. Assuming you spend exactly £75, the initial purchase will cost you £65 and then Quidco will pay you an extra £6.50. In all, a saving of £16.50 or 22! Good work, Tesco.

Once I’ve had the opportunity to look at each of the supermarkets in turn, I will add a 2011 Christmas turkey price comparison below. In the meantime, please feel free to leave a comment if you’ve seen a good deal somewhere.

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