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Caffeinated content is a simple but potentially very powerful wordpress plugin. Before I commence my ramblings I must give credit to SmarterHousing’s technical director, Drew Clarke, for finding this.

At the time of writing the software costs $77.00 although reading the Kanseio blog it looks as though the developer intends to increase the price slowly over time. I’m glad I bothered to read around as I initially intended to see if it became any cheaper. Had I done so I wouldn’t be reaping the benefits now!

The primary purpose of the plugin is to generate content for your wordpress blog. It does this by pulling free for distribution articles from around the web. You can choose from sources in multiple languages and even pull in endless YouTube videos.

Content is king when it comes to search engine optimisation, so the benefits are obvious.  The appeal for those who earn a living from affiliate marketing is immense – buy a domain, load up 10,000 pages of content and optimise your banner/text adverts. Caffeinated content can compact months or years of work into a few minutes.

A nice feature is the ability to drop links into all posts that are generated. There is no limit to the number of links files you can add, or the number of links contained within each of those. This could be used for links to other sites / other parts of your site or even text-based affiliate links.

Thus far I’ve not applied Caffeinated Content to all of the domains on which I have ‘holding blogs’, but I will do in the near future. I’ve used it to promote the NSPCC Charity Lunch and you can see for yourself it is working!

Click here to get a copy of Caffeinated Content!

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