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Belkin TuneBase Product Recall information

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I have been using the Belkin Tunebase FM for the past two years with my iPhone 3G and subsequently iPhone 3G-S. For reasons unknown it wouldn’t work with the iPhone 4 and when I scoured the web I found out there is actually a product recall issued by Belkin for more serious reasons.

The following products are covered by the recall:
TuneBase FM with Hands-Free
TuneBase Direct with Hands-Free
TuneBase™ FM with ClearScan

Belkin have updated the TuneBase slightly to correct the issue however older models, specifically F8Z441, F8Z441ea, F8Z442, F8Z442ea, F8Z176, F8Z176eaBLK, F8Z341ea, will need to be exchanged.

You can order a replacement free of charge from the website below. As per my video comments, this worked very smoothly for me – taking less than a week in total.

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