As an affiliate, I get bombarded with student promotions every August. Strictly speaking, I should post these to the Smarter Card website but as that’s still under construction, I have picked the best three and shared these below.

First up, the Virgin Media student package.

Virgin Media is always a favourite with students as their cable broadband is accessible without a landline, which is an instant saving of around £10 per month compared to  other providers like BT, O2 and Orange. Furthermore, Virgin Media offers the fastest download speeds, even when internet is shared between a large group of students. Finally, Virgin Media’s student package is available on a 9 month contract whilst other providers require students to sign up for 12 months.

9 month student broadband by Virgin Media
9 month student broadband by Virgin Media

Our 9 month broadband deal for students is perfect if you’re sharing a house for the next academic year. Choose broadband on its own or get a great value bundle with home phone or TV as well. Whichever you go for, you’ll get all the trimmings too, like Virgin Media Security, our free security package, and free servicing and repairs.

9 month contract so you’ll only pay for what you need

The UK’s fastest widely available broadband

Go online all at the same time without slowing each other down

Download as much as you want with no caps or hidden charges

Don’t want a landline? With us you don’t need one

Installation fee only £49.95

Next, we have Endsleigh’s student contents insurance.

Other insurers have tried to break the student market but none have succeeded. There’s a good reason for this: Endsleigh’s product offering has been refined over the last 40 years and is without doubt the most comprehensive student insurance package. And it’s cheap, too!

Student Contents Insurance from Endsleigh
Student Contents Insurance from Endsleigh

Why should you chose Endsleigh Insurance?

Endsleigh have been providing student contents insurance for over 40 years and now provide cover for more than 300,000 tenants.

Our student policy is constantly being reviewed to ensure the ever changing needs of students are met.

We are the only insurance provider recommended by the NUS.

In addition, we offer the following benefits:

– In the event of theft or accidental damage, we will replace your mobile phone and laptop within 24 hours;
– We have bespoke packages for international students; and
– We can offer great rates on student car insurance.

For more information or to request a quote, please visit

We hope to hear from you soon,

Endsleigh Insurance

Finally, we have a range of offers from Orange.

Orange are pretty new to the student game and they have come in with a range of deals, all of which include a year’s free mobile broadband. And let’s not forget, all Orange customers are eligible for ‘Orange Wednesdays’ and ‘Orange Thursdays’.

Orange student deals - one year's free mobile interneta
Orange student deals – one year’s free mobile interneta

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