Amongst other things, I maintain a ‘non-business’ YouTube channel. Originally this was dedicated to gaming tips & tricks although I have now changed direction slightly, so that it is more in line with what I do on a daily basis and, as such, it is now called iKingOfHouse: YouTube’s SEO guy.

Despite this change of focus, my primary source of content is still gaming videos which I record using an AVerMedia Game Capture HD.

As you can see from my initial Game Capture HD quality test, the settings aren’t all that great out of the box but with some tweaking here and there it easily competes with the likes of Elgato and Hauppauge. For more information on this, check out my AVerMedia Game Capture HD set-up guide, which covers device, console & Sony Vegas settings.

Whilst the Game Capture HD still does a decent job, it’s more than a year old now, so I need to move with the times and upgrade my kit. However my choice is pretty limited as my PS3 and PC still sit at opposite ends of the house so I need something with pc-less recording capabilities.

Say hello to AVerMedia’s latest capture card: the Live Gamer Portable.

AVerMedia Live Gamer Portable (C875): the best HD capture card in 2013 ?
AVerMedia Live Gamer Portable (C875): the best HD capture card in 2013 ?

Whilst I’ve been blogging about this extensively over on it has mostly been speculation [such as: is the AVerMedia C875 the best HD capture card in 2013?].

That’s about to change though as my review sample arrived courtesy of UPS on Friday morning. At this point I’d just like to say a massive “thank-you” to Ginmerry fom AVerMedia who has been kind enough to send out this bit of kit – which retails at $179 / £179 over on Amazon – free of charge.

I’ve been too busy with work to so much as touch the box but I plan on arriving stupidly early tomorrow to record an unboxing and first thoughts video. Once that’s done I’ll be doing a quick set-up guide and a detailed tutorial for people wanting to use pc-less recording or live streaming features. If you want to catch any of these videos then make sure you are subscribed to my channel 🙂

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