A subscriber to my dedicated gaming channel sent me a message seeking help with Sony Vegas. In particular, he was having trouble importing clips recorded with the AVerMedia Game Capture HD  & wanted to know my render settings.

Replying via YouTube messages wouldn’t have fully answered the question, so I decided to post this AVerMedia Game Capture HD: Sony Vegas set-up guide to the Gaming Headsets blog.

Whilst it is written with the PS3 in mind, 99.9% of the information will apply to XBOX users. Similarly, all of the project & render settings used in Sony Vegas will work whether you’re using the AVerMedia Game Capture HD or another recording device, such as the Elgato, Roxio or Hauppauge [click for a comparison].

I’ve also addressed an issue faced when trying to import footage recorded with the AVerMedia into Sony Vegas. At first, it may look as though the audio hasn’t captured properly but this is not the case and I detail a simple fix.

A quick review

I’ve had the AVerMedia for around  5 months now and I’m pretty impressed. My main reason for choosing it over other capture cards was the ability to record without having to connect my PS3 to a computer.

My only gripe is the fact it is limited to 720p so I can’t take full advantage of my TV’s HD capabilities. I’m planning to upgrade early in 2013 and, if I do, will no doubt give the AVerMedia to one of my subscribers.

For more detailed specs and information on where to buy one, check out JSHD’s AVerMedia Game Capture HD review. To get an idea of the quality of the recording, check out the video below.

Chances are you’ll need to click the little settings icon and select 720p. For some reason I can’t get it to embed in HD ….

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  1. A few people have messaged me via YouTube and asked if I know how to solve the issue of horizontal lines that appear once videos have been rendered, which seems to be a common problem for people using an AVerMedia Game Capture HD to record Black Ops 1/2 gameplay. In short: yes. As per the first part of this post check your PS3/XBOX is set to output in 720p *only* and that should fix everything :0)

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