Lord Sugar and Donald Trump do battle on Twitter

It’s fair to say Twitter has provided plenty of entertainment this evening, with Lord Sugar & Donald Trump getting involved in a tit for tat Twitter spat! Following the conversation was pretty tedious as Trump insisted on Tweeting to himself rather than using the “@” function. Presumably he assumes his followers are morons and don’t […]

Nolan Daniels: Powerball winnings “shared” via Facebook [NOV 2012 – FAKE]

I logged into Facebook this evening and noticed several people had shared an image posted by a Nolan Daniels, in which he appears to be holding up a winning Powerball ticket. The comment below reads “Looks like I won’t be going to work EVER!!!! Share this photo and I will give a random person 1 […]

Milltek Sport Performance Exhausts: “thank you”

This post is a public “thank you” to Steve Pound, Brand & Commercial Manager at Milltek Sport Performance Exhausts. ~~~ Earlier this month I went to see Will Pedley Racing, with the aim of resolving a rather hefty rattle on my ST170. We were pretty sure it was exhaust related as, in true Will Pedley style, […]

A little happy dance (ref: Gaming-Headsets.co.uk)

Over the past month I have been working on Gaming-Headsets.co.uk: a website I created to improve awareness of surround sound and dolby digital headsets for PS3 and XBOX gamers. In an order to justify the time commitment, I am going monetise the website using Google Adsense alongside eBay Partner Network and Amazon Associate links. The […]

Maximuscle: a lesson in Customer Service

In the Maximuscle Experience I rambled on about a decision to try out their Lean Definition Range. In a nutshell, I’d consumed one too many pies (beers) and needed to trim down before I rendered the bulk of my wardrobe utterly useless. I was pretty pleased with the results and went to order another batch […]

AVerMedia Game Capture HD: a usage guide

A subscriber to my dedicated gaming channel sent me a message seeking help with Sony Vegas. In particular, he was having trouble importing clips recorded with the AVerMedia Game Capture HD  & wanted to know my render settings. Replying via YouTube messages wouldn’t have fully answered the question, so I decided to post this AVerMedia […]

Exonia: A YouTube Partnership opportunity

YouTube Partnership is the holy grail for many content creators. It doesn’t cost anything to join the Partner Program but you do need to meet certain criteria. If accepted you will notice more options for customising your channel; your videos will receive greater exposure; and you will have access to additional resources. Oh – you […]