How to add an address to the Royal Mail database

Since moving into the Technology Centre, I have been trying to find out how to get my address to show up on the Royal Mail database. As it turns out it is no more difficult than sending an e-mail but as I couldn’t find anything through Google, I thought I would post this in the […]

Sokhavy Hilton: the new Nolan Daniels [Powerball “sharing”]

2013. A new year. A new Facebook scam (of sorts). Not that long ago a chap by the name of Nolan Daniels posted a doctored Powerball ticket on Facebook. In his original post, Daniels said he would give $1 million dollars to a single winner, chosen at random from those who were willing to share […]

Adam Arnold fails at… being Adam Arnold

Yep. That’s right. I fail at… being me! Towards the latter end of 2008 I became interested in the way search engines work as I realised it was almost impossible to find me by Googling “Adam Arnold”. Why did this matter? At the time I had just been invited to join the Courvoisier Future 500 […]

How to get YouTube on your (non-US) PS3

A couple of months ago I noticed a handful of people from my PSN friends list were viewing YouTube through an official PS3 app, although I couldn’t find it in the PlayStation Store. If you’re wondering why I care, you need to know that YouTube is the home of an ever growing playlist featuring Scooby […]

Lord Sugar vs Donald Trump: The Twitter Row Continues

Late last night I posted a series of Tweets involving Lord Sugar, Donald Trump and Piers Morgan, in which the three bickered about windmills, the Scottish people, The Apprentice and Bank Debt. I closed Lord Sugar & Donald Trump do battle on Twitter by suggesting it wasn’t over just yet. ¬†However, when I logged in […]