AR Flight Record Update Available

AR.FlightRecord version 1.1 for Parrot’s AR Drone is now available to download from iTunes.

AR FlightRecord ver 1.1 now available
AR FlightRecord ver 1.1 now available

New features in version 1.1

As you can see the video below, the developers have added an altimeter, speed indicator, directional gyro and artificial horizon to the existing spec list.

Further details and downloads

For further information, photos, videos or to download AR.FlightRecord please click here.

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  1. This new update to the AR Flight Record app is a huge improvement over ver 1.0. The gyroscope, flight speed and altimeter are a welcome addition.

    I second the above comment though – the AR Flight Record app would be fantastic if it had sound. Sadly, the AR Drone hardware doesn’t have any microphones on board 🙁

  2. The new version of AR FlightRecord is awesome. I’m also glad you can remove the pre-flight briefing screen as that was strangely irritating….

  3. The AR Drone is an awesome bit of kit. Thanks for the heads up on AR FlightRecord – I’ve just downloaded it and had a trial run around my living room. Flight Record is certainly an improvement on the default application although its a shame this functionality wasn’t just built into AR Freeflight from the get go.

    – Mike

  4. It looks like what I have been searching for. Can you organize for the App to be available on the South African App Store please?

    1. Hi Cilliers, are you on Twitter? It might be worth getting in touch with the developers of AR Flight Record directly. AA

    1. Hi Marcus,

      I can still see it in the UK App Store –

      Flight Record
      All About Jake, LLC

      I’ve done a quick search and I can also find it on the US App Store.

      If you can’t find it on your device try downloading from this link on a computer:

      Flight Record on iTunes

      There is also a free alternative, called ARecord.


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