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Apprentice 2011 & You’re Fired tickets

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The Apprentice 2011 is due to hit TV screens around May of this year and for the first time since the series began there is no £100,000 job on the line.  Instead, Lord Sugar is to invest £250,000 into a business which he will jointly own with the winner of the 2011 Apprentice.

What this will mean for The Apprentice itself is anyone’s guess. Part of the fun of watching the show in previous years was the knowledge that the contestants were all grovelling and bumlicking and making wildly unrealistic promises just so they could coordinate a joyless computer-recycling scheme or pretend that they care about LED hospital systems from within a strip-lit office in Essex.

- The Guardian Newspaper

I am concerned that this change makes The Apprentice very similar to Dragons’ Den in terms of output. I am also worried that the business idea has already been chosen by Lord Sugar and thus will have very little to do with the eventual winner of the 2011 Apprentice.

In any case I am sure this series will be entertaining for the viewer. If you’re interested in watching the You’re Fired show live in the studio get in touch with Lost In TV ( – I’ve been to 3 finals in recent years and hope to attend many more!

I’ll leave you with this clip of the 2010 Apprentice winner, Stella English:

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