Applying SEO to Smarter Housing (follow up)

In my previous post on applying SEO to Smarter Housing, I mentioned the importance of using consistent information both on and off site.

It is important to distinguish between consistent information and repeated information. The latter is likely to be picked up as duplicate content by Google and will be detrimental for SEO. However, the former can provide a solid structure across all pages which will aid the user in digesting facts and figures.  At the same time it can be a helpful indicator to search engines that pages may be related, without being duplicates.

With particular relevance to Smarter Housing, the following structure is applied to all text sections of our property pages. This is in addition to a Google map, photo set and quick-reference inventory icons that are on every property page.

X bedroom student/residential accommodation on Street Name, Town Name

Property type:
shared accommodation//studio apartment//apartment//flat//house//other

£X per person per month, inclusive of wireless broadband//gas//electricity//water//tv license

The availability icon above refers to the period September 2009 – July 2010. If the property is marked as subject to ‘contract’ then there is a possibility it may become available, however this is not the case if it is marked as ‘reserved’.

Property overview:
[[ provide a basic description of the property and main features i.e an X bedroom student house, located X minutes from the town centre. The nearest university bus stop is X minues away on ROAD NAME. The property benefits from spacious living areas, off-road parking and a large low maintenance garden. Wireless broadband is included within the rent.]]

Property details:
Entrance hall – Xm x Xm
[[provide a description of the entrance hall or lobby, if applicable]]

Kitchen – Xm x Xm
[[provide a description of the fixtures and fittings included within the kitchen as well as any white goods and, if relevant, any notable features]]

Communal Area(s) // Dining Room // Lounge – Xm x Xm
[[describe any living areas in the property and the amount of eating / seating space]]

Utility room – Xm X Xm
[[if utilities are separate from the kitchen, detail utility rooms and what is included i.e. washing machine, tumble drier, washer/drier]]

Bathroom / WC facilities – Xm X Xm
[[detail all shared bathroom or WC facilities, including fixtures and fittings i.e. bath, shower, wash-hand basin]]

Bedroom(s) (Basement/Ground floor/1st floor/2nd floor/3rd floor) – Xm x Xm

[[provide a description of each bedroom in the property including single/three quarter/double/king/super king size bed; desks and chairs, wardrobes (with or without drawers and with or without mirrors), shelving space, wash-basin. For en-suite bedrooms provide a description as below]]

Bedroom X en-suite – Xm x Xm
[[detail facilities, including fixtures and fittings i.e. bath, shower, wash-hand basin]]

[[detail parking arrangements i.e. garage for X vehicles, off-road for X vehicles, on-street, on-street (requiring permit)]]

[[detail internet arrangements: wireless yes/no, internet speed, internet provider]]

Viewings and further information
To arrange a viewing or to request any further information on PROPERTY, please feel free to contact us [e-mail] [telephone] or at our [local office address] branch.

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