Angry Birds Alarm Clock

If you’ve been trying to find an Angry Birds alarm clock online, there’s a chance you landed on my November 2010 entry Angry Birds pipped by Sleep Talk Recorder, which is concerned with iPhone/iPad applications. Hopefully you’ll find this post a little more relevant.

Angry Birds Alarm Clocks – two colours available

Update: Angry Birds alarm clocks are now available in six colours

There is no mention of alarm clocks on the Official Angry Birds Store so be warned: you probably won’t be buying authentic Rovio Mobile merchandise.

If that doesn’t bother you, then you can pick up Angry Birds alarm clocks on [geo-in country=”uk” note=””]eBay[/geo-in] [geo-out country=”uk” note=””]eBay[/geo-out] and [geo-in country=”uk” note=””]Amazon[/geo-in] [geo-out country=”uk” note=””]Amazon[/geo-out]. The video below gives a quick overview of the product and it looks OK, however I’m a little disappointed that the alarm sound can’t be set to CA-CAW.

Angry Birds Alarm Clock (Black) Angry Birds Alarm Clock (Red)
Angry Birds Alarm Clocks are available in black & red

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