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Activating Google Plus (G+) on Google Apps

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I must thank James Kimbley, founder of Kimbley Computer Services, for making me aware of the fact Google Plus has finally been made available to Google Apps customers.

Whilst I already have a G+ profile linked to my Gmail account, I find it frustrating having to log out of my Google Apps account in order to use G+ on my laptop. As such, I tried to activate G+ on as soon as I heard the news.

How to activate Google Plus via Google Apps

Now I suspect my frustration may be due to the fact I was trying to activate G+ from an iPhone whilst half asleep. However, so that you don’t end up messing around as I did, here is a quick guide to activating G+ for Google Apps customers:

Activating Google Plus via Google Apps

Activating Google Plus via Google Apps

1. Sign into your Google Apps account;
2. Click “Organization & Users” from the top menu bar;
3. Click on the “Services” tab;
4. Scroll down to Google Plus. Click to move the switch from off > on;
5. Log-in to your Google Account and go to;
6. Ignore the warning message; and
7. That’s it! Your Google Plus account is now active!

Obviously, I now have two Google Accounts: and For the time being, people are directed to the former via the latter. As I understand it, Google are releasing a tool in the near future which will allow people in the same situation to merge their profiles – I just hope it doesn’t take as long as the Google Apps release!

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