Over the past month I have been working on Gaming-Headsets.co.uk: a website I created to improve awareness of surround sound and dolby digital headsets for PS3 and XBOX gamers. In an order to justify the time commitment, I am going monetise the website using Google Adsense alongside eBay Partner Network and Amazon Associate links.

The site is far from finished: to date I have only uploaded a single headset review, namely the 2013 Astro A40s; the theme is incomplete; I only have one Adsense block; and I am yet to decide on a slogan. However this isn’t of concern as my focus has been on uploading good content.

Getting your website noticed by Google

Some people have asked why I took the time to record a Black Ops: Road To Commander series (which has been uploaded to my gaming-only YouTube Channel).

For me, it was all about generating unique content and I have used the series to generate 61 separate blog posts. To save time, I created a little text template which went something like this:

[introduction to the Black Ops Road To Commander]
[image (with a file name referencing Call of Duty Black Ops)]
[a space for some custom text]
[a Black Ops RTC video taken from my YouTube channel]
[some FAQ, such as “what is an RTC”]

The format above is pretty powerful in SEO terms as it contains text, images and video, as well as internal links to other areas of the website. So that I didn’t have 61 copies of the same thing, I left room for some “custom” text near the top of the template. All I did here was quickly summarise the episode, covering the game type, the map and details of any other YouTubers that were with me at the time.

Gaming Headsets Google Analytics traffic
Gaming-Headsets.co.uk: Google Analytics traffic

In amongst the RTC posts  I have uploaded a couple of hints & tips, such as How to Record Call of Duty commentaries and a guide for rendering AVerMedia Game Capture HD clips in Sony Vegas.

As you can see, traffic is now at a fairly modest 35 unique daily visitors, however it does confirm that Google has found my content and deems it relevant enough to display in search results. I am aiming for 100/day by Christmas 2012 and 1000/day by next Spring.

Aside from the occasional link on this blog, all I have done to get the site indexed is submit my domain via Google Webmaster Tools. I’ll start the process of link building once I have uploaded at least 10 different gaming headsets.

Generating income from your affiliate website

I’ve taken a few ££’s via Google Adsense and made a solitary Amazon Associates sale:

Gaming-Headsets.co.uk: earnings from Amazon Associates
Gaming-Headsets.co.uk: earnings from Amazon Associates

Income from EPN is zero but that’s hardly surprising as I haven’t added any links yet!

Like my traffic, earnings to date are very modest indeed but they do show that a well written website can be used to generate income.

My next step is to upload at least 10 gaming headsets, at which point I will start my link building. I’ll report back so you can see the impact this has on traffic and affiliate earnings.

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