A brief service interruption

From time to time, web hosting companies need to perform security or performance updates to their servers. When this happens, there’s always a chance that customers using those servers will face some website downtime.

In many cases, web hosting companies will do this without any prior announcement which can be hugely frustrating for consumers.

We are currently working to improve the facilities that we provide for you in our London data centre, where some (or all) of your hosting services with us are currently located.

As part of the improvements, a number of the network switches that we use to provide connectivity to servers within our network are in-need of upgrades to their firmware. In many cases these switches have not been rebooted since they were first installed (a number of years ago) and there is now a long list of fixes & features that need to be applied.

We intend to conduct this maintenance during the following period:

Start: 2nd of August at 23:15
Finish: 3rd of August at 00:45

While it isn’t ideal my site(s) face the prospect of being down for a couple of hours, it is really nice to know this in advance.

Since my last post on 34SP.com, I am still thoroughly impressed with their level of service and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. If, like me, you have numerous websites and do the odd bit of hosting, I you need to check out their Reseller Hosting package. It isn’t the cheapest hosting on offer but in terms of limits (traffic, domains etc), reliability and support you really can’t beat it.

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