£50K if you can find Mayfair (McDonalds Monopoly 2009)

Craving coffee late at night during the Easter weekend forced me into visiting the local McD’s which is now open 24/7. Slapped on the side of my order was an unexpected Monopoly token – one half of the top prize (£500,000).

A quick look on Facebook tells me M920 Park Lane is pretty well distributed. No sign of M921 Mayfair…

Anyone who has the latter therefore has an element of leverage, so there’s no reason to expect a 50/50 split of the winnings. If you have Mayfair, we can split £275,000 to £225,000. If someone happens to bring us together, I will give that person £50,000 from my share.

McDonalds Monopoly on Ebay (or not)

As per some comments I’d already checked eBay. M921 Mayfair isn’t available but there are plenty of other McDonalds Monopoly 2009 pieces, including valid prizes, up for auction.

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  1. Good luck trying. Has anyone ever won the top prize? If the Internet can’t bring together two winning tickets we will once and for all know this is a scam from old Ronald McDonald.

    Paul Hamilton

  2. If only it were that simple!

    I think M921 Mayfair will be very hard to find. Are you even certain they produce this piece?

  3. I dont know, it looks like they havent produced Mayfair, Marlborough Street or Northhumberl’d Avenue! Witch is all i need to ether win phone, 500k cash and £1000 visa prepaid card! So yer if anyone has these stickers above please tell me! (I am happy to buy them off you)

  4. Hi!

    Have you noticed your website comes up at the top of Google for searches on McDonalds Monopoly 2009??

  5. I’ve put messages about this on a couple of other forums – I’m sure someone out there will find it if you keep spreading the word.

    Do you know how long McDonalds Monopoly 2009 goes on for? Is it the whole year?

  6. You guys are stupid……….there will only be 1 mayfair sticker produced! The Park Lane sticker is VERY common – I have 3………If someone where to get the mayfair one its very easy for them to get park lane, and therefore not have to split the money. The Park Lane sticker is worth NOWT – its the Mayfair sticker thats worth 500k!

    This goes for all the rare stickers…….there are only the same amount printed as there are advertised prizes – so loads of people ‘only need’ the rarer one to claim prize.

  7. Unfortunately you’ve been slightly undercut. You want £175,000, or on ebay you can get Park Lane for 99p.

  8. You are so stupid, if they got mayfair then they could just find park lane on ebay for 50p and claim all the prize money so why would they want to spilt it with… you…

  9. Please, i really need to know, is there only one mayfair sticker produced? or are there very few?

  10. Someone on Yahoo Answers claims to have Mayfair from the 2009 Monopoly game, but they haven’t responded to my message saying I have Park Lane. It is possible they have already snapped up the £500,000 prize but I haven’t seen anything posted on the McDonalds Monopoly website to suggest so.

    I hope someone finds it soon as I’m starting to look like the guy from Super Size Me!

  11. I had to approve the above comment.

    Posting anonymous abuse having missed the point of this entry. I see only one bellend here 🙂

  12. Please can you explain ‘having missed the point of this entry’ – are you trying to say now that you didn’t think you could win a fortune by having a COMMON Park Lane ticket, and that someone would be stupid enough to agree the almost 50/50 split with you?

    Your readers wish to know…

  13. btw in the 2010 game my friend has found the one mayfair and didnt know what it is worth so i told her park lane was rarer and offered to go 50/50 with her and she agreed so in a few days or weeks you will see that i have won the money

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