2010 Christmas Turkeys for sale

Update: deals & price comparison for your 2011 Christmas turkey can be found here. Featured deal – save 22% and get 10% cash back from Tesco (in association with QuidCo).

In my post Christmas Turkeys for sale at unbeatable prices I mentioned that Attwell Farm, a leading supplier of turkeys to the major supermarkers, was offering Christmas & New Year turkeys direct to the public for the first time.

I have received almost 1,000 e-mails from people asking for further information and it has reached the point where I am struggling to respond to everyone personally. Therefore, it comes as great news to me that Attwell’s Farm have now got their own website.

AttwellFarm.com contains up to date prices for Christmas Turkeys & New Year Turkeys including delivery to UK mainland addresses. High quality white whole turkeys, white half turkeys, bronze whole turkeys, bronze half turkeys and turkey crowns are available.

I’m no Turkey expert so if you (like me) are unsure of the difference, here’s a quote from Attwell Farm:

White turkeys generally have a larger wider breast and short stubby legs, whilst bronze turkeys tend to be tradionally reared, usually free range and have a distinctive gamier flavour.

Please note, in order to get your Turkey before Christmas you will need to order before 20th December, 2010. And on that note, I shall leave you with this Christmas classic from Tom & Jerry:

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