ESTEMPLE analysis (inc. PEST, PESTLE)

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ESTEMPLE analysis has been devised by business / management types to extend upon the basic PEST framework for investigating external factors that may effect any given business. Had I invested less in the liquid offerings of the Students’ Union  I could probably reference the text book or lecturer that provided this gem of information, alasContinue Reading

The new Ford Focus RS (being owned by a Clio?)

Throughout the 80s and 90s I had the pleasure of being shuttled to school in various Japanese imports, including the simply awesome 1986 Mazda 323 F. Made entirely of Kevlar, powered by a turbocharged 1.7 engine and finished with the most chavtastic of racing stripes (marking an ‘F’ down both sides) it is no wonderContinue Reading

The Fusion CA-IP500 iPod Headunit Dock

As a lover of cars, headunits and iPods, news of this little gadget is certainly going to dent my bank balance. The Fusion CA-IP500 is a super smart stereo head unit for your car. It’s got a built-in iPod dock, and when they say built-in – they mean it literally. The Fusion CA-IP500 is designedContinue Reading

Smarter Housing and the Warwick Boar

Okay, I’ll admit it isn’t quite Richard Branson and BA’s ‘Dirty Tricks’ campaign but I have had a run in with the local rag for the University of Warwick, which isn’t ideal given the bulk of our 300 student properties are based in areas intended for Warwick students. Towards the end of last year IContinue Reading

Barack Obama ft. T.I – Whatever You Like Remix

You may have noted from the iPhone screen protector and Cassetteboy vs Alan Sugar posts that I’ve started looking at YouTube, finally giving in to relentless pressure from a good friend of mine to “check out” various videos. I’m glad I did, as he’s just sent me this gem of a Whatever You Like remix:Continue Reading

The Apprentice – Sir Alan Sugar vs Cassetteboy

I’m surprised this only has 11,000 views, as it is the most amusing Apprentice video edit I have ever seen. Credit must go to Cassetteboy, who has taken various clips spread over several seasons of The Apprentice and spliced them together into this hilarious edit. My favourite line has to be “…and one of youContinue Reading

iPhone screen protector with mirror effect (avoid HMV!!)

Earlier in the week I stumbed upon a series of iPhone review videos produced under the name Punisher08. I found the first video he had produced and a few ‘related videos’ later I was watching this little clip of a mirrored iPhone screen protector… iPhones aside, it was quite interesting to see how Punisher08 hasContinue Reading

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