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The Smarter Card – student discount and saver card. Local discounts, nationwide. With the SmarterCard now available to students in Coventry and Warwickshire, with Birmingham and Nottingham only a month or so away, content on the Smarter Nights website was in need of an update. Scripting website text is impossible during normal hours due toContinue Reading

Smarter Housing on YouTube

Smarter Housing on YouTube

SmarterHousing specialise in the provision of high quality student accommodation. But what exactly is “high quality” in relation to student houses or flats? For some time I have been meaning to do a video tours of our student houses and flats, however due to the fact they are always occupied from 1st September through toContinue Reading

More on the Smarter Card

In this post on the SPLAT card I talked about a potential joint venture with company owner, Tom Smith. The SmarterCard and the SPLAT card are, in essence, identical. Both cards grant the bearer numerous student discounts, so it made sense to team up given our launch markets were identical – Warwickshire and the WestContinue Reading

Adam Arnold in the third person

Its all about search engines, really. I’ve replaced the text on my landing page with some optimised content, relative to what I am hoping to achieve in the search engine results pages (SERPs). For my own reference, here is the old welcome page….. Blog site for SmarterGroup CEO, Adam Arnold Adam Arnold incorporated Smarter GroupContinue Reading

The SPLAT card

On 18th June I received a Facebook message from the founder of, Tom Smith.  SPLAT, which stands for “Students Pay Less AT [],” is a  natural progression from Tom’s current business, CovLife is a StudentBeans style site with printable discount/offer vouchers for Coventry University students. Tom was actually looking to discuss a potentialContinue Reading

The Smarter Card

I think the following sales letter provides a perfect introduction to the SmarterCard: Promote your business to over 10,000 local students, free of charge! Dear [Manager's Name], From September 1st 2009, students from Coventry and Warwick universities will be using the SmarterCard to access special deals and discounts at local businesses like yours. Signing upContinue Reading

Adam Arnold and the Google SERPS

Back in March of this year I started the post Get Adam Arnold to # 1 on Google with the intention of documenting my attempts to search engine optimise my own name. By the end of April any searches for “Adam Arnold” in MSN, Yahoo or Windows Live would have brought up on theContinue Reading

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