Twitter as a B2B tool for the SmarterCard

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In recent weeks I have started Tweeting again in an attempt to secure additional discounts for Smarter Card holders. From a B2B perspective Twitter can be a very effective way of communicating as in many cases you can have direct access to the decision maker of any particular business. As a simple example, I recentlyContinue Reading

AR Flight Record Update Available

AR.FlightRecord version 1.1 for Parrot’s AR Drone is now available to download from iTunes. New features in version 1.1 As you can see the video below, the developers have added an altimeter, speed indicator, directional gyro and artificial horizon to the existing spec list. Further details and downloads For further information, photos, videos or toContinue Reading

Call Of Duty: Black Ops Pre-order Bonus & Competition

Call Of Duty: Black Ops Pre-order Bonus & Competition

Were you looking for information on COD: Black Ops 2? The latest instalment in the Call of Duty series is available from midnight on Tuesday 13th November 2012. To find out the best place to pre-order your copy as well as in depth information on classes, perks, kill streaks, point streaks, weapons and ever popularContinue Reading

If you follow me on Twitter you’ll know I’ve been working on a website for Will Pedley Racing. Will wanted me to replicate the look and feel of his existing website in such a way that would allow him to make changes himself. The answer? WordPress. After learning the basics of CSS and PHP IContinue Reading

Savvi Student Discount Card

Smarter Housing – Raising The Standard is a registered trademark. Sadly, I didn’t bother doing the same thing for the Smarter Card. This is partly because I have been using a variety of strap-lines and guaging how these perform in the search engines. Amongst others I have used: Smarter Card – exclusive local offers, nationwideContinue Reading

Angry Birds Halloween Edition

Angry Birds Halloween Edition

Angry Birds is back with a special Halloween Edition, available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Click the image below to be taken to the download page on the App Store – it is 59p you will not regret spending If you’re new to the series, the following Angry Birds Halloween Edition Promo Video shouldContinue Reading

Belkin TuneBase Product Recall information

I have been using the Belkin Tunebase FM for the past two years with my iPhone 3G and subsequently iPhone 3G-S. For reasons unknown it wouldn’t work with the iPhone 4 and when I scoured the web I found out there is actually a product recall issued by Belkin for more serious reasons. The followingContinue Reading

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