How to add an address to the Royal Mail database

Since moving into the Technology Centre, I have been trying to find out how to get my address to show up on the Royal Mail database. As it turns out it is no more difficult than sending an e-mail but as I couldn’t find anything through Google, I thought I would post this in the hope it saves someone wasting the same amount of time that I did (which shall remain undisclosed as I’d prefer it if readers didn’t think I am an idiot).

To add your record to the Royal Mail’s Postcode Address File (PAF), all you need to do is send an e-mail to, giving them details of the change. In my case I simply had to let them know that my company (Smarter SEO Limited) had taken up residence in the Wolverhampton Science Park.

Within 24 hours I had an e-mail confirming my details had been accepted and I now show up on the Royal Mail Address finder…

Smarter SEO Limited - added to Royal Mail
Smarter SEO Limited – added to Royal Mail PAF file


The same e-mail address can be used if you are registering a change of address for a business, or if you need to notify the Royal Mail of a brand new building, be that private or commercial.

You might ask why it is showing as “Smarter S E O” and this is due to the way in which their system registers addresses. I did question this and was quickly advised that the alternative would be “Smarter Seo” (note lower case) and that it might cause problems for some websites.

If you have somehow ended up on this post trying to find out how to add your address listing to Google Maps (as below), then you’ll need to register with Google Places.

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Either way, I hope this post has been of some asssitance.

Sokhavy Hilton: the new Nolan Daniels [Powerball “sharing”]

2013. A new year. A new Facebook scam (of sorts).

Not that long ago a chap by the name of Nolan Daniels posted a doctored Powerball ticket on Facebook. In his original post, Daniels said he would give $1 million dollars to a single winner, chosen at random from those who were willing to share his original post.

More than 100,000 people fell for his prank, despite the fact the ticket was clearly doctored. So, what would happen if someone were to put up a convincing photo of a winning ticket? Enter Sokhavy Hilton.

Sokhavy Hilton Powerball Facebook fake
Sokhavy Hilton: the new Nolan Daniels

Sokhavy Hilton claims he is a winner of a recent Powerball lottery and wants to share his new found wealth in a way that Nolan Daniels could only dream of. Rather than giving away a puny $1 million dollars, he has upped the ante: offering to give a cool million to each of ten lucky winners.

Sadly it doesn’t look as though people have learned anything from the Nolan Daniels affair and this image is appearing on my timeline at least once an hour.

Adam Arnold fails at… being Adam Arnold

Yep. That’s right. I fail at… being me!

Towards the latter end of 2008 I became interested in the way search engines work as I realised it was almost impossible to find me by Googling “Adam Arnold”.

Why did this matter? At the time I had just been invited to join the Courvoisier Future 500 Network which, amongst numerous other perks, included a feature in the Guardian’s Sunday supplement.

Don’t get too excited – my entry was far from a double page spread, but it did list my name & company alongside everyone else from the 2008 CVTF500 cohort. Sadly, there was no link to my (former) business, Smarter Housing.

Obviously, this prompted me to Google myself. Could people find me by name only? Sadly not.

In the months that followed, I documented my efforts to Get “Adam Arnold” to #1 On Google and by March 2009, I had achieved my goal. I suppose you could say this was my first official foray into the world of Search Engine Optimisation (although I had inadvertently being doing many of the on-site & off-site SEO techniques that I now teach via Smarter SEO).

I’ve held that position until… today. Obviously, this is a major fail as far as my own SEO is concerned! That said, it is hardly a surprise as I have been pipped by an IMDB entry… a domain which has been creeping up on me over the past few years. But, it is something that can be easily fixed.

How to get “Adam Arnold” to the top of Google… part 2!

For starters, I need to freshen up this blog. I don’t post as much as I used to and this is going to have an impact on my SERP (search engine results page) performance. Google likes fresh content and I’m a little out of date at the moment. First stop, I should probably replace the image on my homepage with something a little more recent….

Adam Arnold with Phil Law at the SPEED WM showcase
Adam Arnold with Phil Law at the SPEED WM showcase

As you can see, I haven’t aged at all over the past 7 years. I have, however, consumed many, many pies. An issue I am trying to rectify as per my health & fitness posts :0)

Another area for improvement is that of my blog categories, which had become really fragmented over the past few years. I did actually address this last month and recategorised hundreds of posts so that they are now grouped more effectively, stripping out numerous sub-categories in the process. It is possible that this has had a negative effect on my search engine ranking but that will just be a temporary blip.

Finally, I have pretty much stopped all off-site SEO as I just haven’t had the time of late. Personally,  I see this is as the biggest reason for my recent dip … and will need to make time to use forums & blogs if I wish to prevent myself from falling any further.

This post may seem a little over dramatic but when I make a living from telling people to “Google Me” I really can’t be in any position other than #1. For now, I’ll just have to tell people to search for “Adam Arnold SEO” where (along with many other three word searches) I still come out on top!

Update: 29th January, 2013 – back on top!

I guess this shows the importance of fresh content. Within 10 minutes of posting this entry I found myself back at #1 for “Adam Arnold”. Nonetheless, I will still dedicate more time to this blog over the coming weeks and months.

The importance of fresh content: Adam Arnold Google search
The importance of fresh content: Adam Arnold Google search

How to get YouTube on your (non-US) PS3

A couple of months ago I noticed a handful of people from my PSN friends list were viewing YouTube through an official PS3 app, although I couldn’t find it in the PlayStation Store.

If you’re wondering why I care, you need to know that YouTube is the home of an ever growing playlist featuring Scooby Doo, BatFink, Looney Toons, Tom & Jerry and, most recently, the Adventures of Tin Tin.  Obviously, this is put together for my son’s benefit but I’m pleased to note his awesome taste in cartoons 🙂

Previously, I would access this playlist by opening up YouTube in the PlayStation’s web browser however this requires constant attention, as you have to manually play a new video whenever the previous one finishes.  I had hoped that the PS3 specific YouTube app would allow me to hit play and just leave cartoons running in the background, ultimately giving me more time to play goodies & baddies, save the world and so on!

After a bit of digging, it turns out that the YouTube app is only available for Playstation users in the USA.  The question, therefore, is how do you access the US PSN store from elsewhere in the world?

The answer, it turns out, is to create a “fake” Playstation account:

To do this, all you need to do is head on over to the PSN Network and sign-up for a new account. Set your location as American and, when promoted, enter this address: I used this one…. 624 Washington Avenue, Montgomery, ALABAMA, 36130-0100. Log-into your new account on your PS3 and head to the Playstation Store, where you will be able to download the YouTube app.

If you get stuck, the video above takes you through the steps in turn.

Having trouble re-installing BBC iPlayer or 4OD after an HD upgrade?

Lord Sugar vs Donald Trump: The Twitter Row Continues

Late last night I posted a series of Tweets involving Lord Sugar, Donald Trump and Piers Morgan, in which the three bickered about windmills, the Scottish people, The Apprentice and Bank Debt.

I closed Lord Sugar & Donald Trump do battle on Twitter by suggesting it wasn’t over just yet.  However, when I logged in this morning there was no further activity so I assumed I was wrong.

Alan Sugar & Donald Trump in pointless Twitter Row

However, Donald Trump got the ball rolling again this afternoon, attacking Lord Sugar with a series of (9) Tweets:

Donald Trump attacks Lord Sugar's lack of vision & wealth
Round 2: Trump attacks Sugar’s lack of vision & wealth

For a while I thought Lord Sugar had abandoned this seemingly pointless debate. Maybe he needs a little push?

Piers Morgan wades into Alan Sugar vs Donald Trump (again)
Piers Morgan wades into the Alan Sugar vs Donald Trump debate (again)

Ah, yes. Thank you Piers!

If one thing is for sure, Lord Sugar certainly appears to have a better grasp of Twitter. He directs his replies “@” Donald Trump, meaning he doesn’t unnecessarily clog up peoples’ timelines.

If only Trump could do the same… it would make captioning this conversation far less hassle!

Alan Sugar hits back at Donald Trump with Chapter 11 comments
Alan Sugar hits back at Donald Trump… with some facts!

Several hours have passed without any response from Donald Trump. Is it time for Lord Sugar to let it go? Absolutely no chance. Now is the time to hammer home some facts…..

Lord Sugar silences Twitter bully Donald Trump
Lord Sugar silences Twitter bully Donald Trump

I’ve tried to remain impartial whilst reporting copying & pasting these Tweets but Donald Trump lost most of my respect with his “get down on your knees and thank me” nonsense.

There is absolutely no denying that both have done exceptionally well in the world of business but that doesn’t justify being a total moron, especially on something like Twitter!

The longer their little conversation goes on it becomes more apparent Trump has just been throwing around insults whilst Sugar has been coming back at him with fairly factual stuff.

At this point Trump would be better off staying quiet, but something tells me he won’t be able to resist having another dig.